Shower Refinishing/Reglazing

Tub-Reglazing_0001_AfterIs your shower enclosure or bathroom in need of a makeover? Have you been told you have to replace your shower, sink or bathtub? Don’t think that you have to completely replace it… just refinish it!

ProTub Refinish are professional refinishing and reglazing experts serving the Southern California area helping home owners, apartment managers, property owners save critical time and money by refinishing your homes fixtures instead of replacing them, usually in one day.

Your Shower: Refinish Vs Replace

Did you know that it can actually cost you up to 80% more money alone? Not to mention the additional time and stress involved with bringing in a remodeling crew. Refinishing takes just ONE DAY in most situations and costs just a fraction of the price of the replacement equivalent. Give us a call today for an estimate on refreshing your favorite household fixtures!