10 Great Tips For Saving Money Around The House

Here at Protub Refinishing, we are big fans of saving money! So much so that we felt we would tell you a few of our favorite ways to save money around the home in our daily lives.

Pro Tip: Don’t replace it, refinish it!

ProTub Refinish Projects Gallery (33)Replacing major fixtures in your home is rarely an easy feat. Bath tubs, shower stalls, sinks and counter tops Advancements in refinishing materials as well as improvements in application processes give your old fixtures a new lease on life at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. have made it so that refinishing your bath tubs, shower stalls, sinks and counter tops.
Refinishing Overview

Pro Tip: Clear your browser cache when shopping for airfare

Websites that help you book online airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars and packages of all three are notorious for using tracking devices known as “cookies” in your browser that monitor your activities and jack up your price each time you return to the website to price-check. The goal is to goad you into completing the purchase out of fear that the price will continue to jump.

Pro Tip: Jug of water in the toilet tank

By placing a jug full of water in the tanks of the toilets in your home, you are effectively saving a jug full of water every flushing, contributing to the bottom line of your household. Some low-flow toilets will not accommodate jugs of water, but they are already low-flow, so chances are they already need every drop they currently get.

Pro Tip: Save money on food: Drink more water

Dehydration is a chronic condition that is rampant across the nation. Not just a Gatorade or Powerade thing, Americans don’t quench their thirst often enough often contributing to over-eating and by association, obesity. You can help to keep your weight and appetite in check by drinking the proper amount of water per day.

Pro Tip: Brew your own coffee

Couple looking at our website on an iPadBrewing a cup of coffee at home can cost as little as 10 cents a cup whereas a trip to starbucks will usually set you back a minimum of 2 bucks but up to $10 (depending on snacks and such). Brewing your cup of joe at home not only saves on the cost of coffee but also prevents you from buying in to one of their impulse snack items.

Pro Tip: Unplug electricity vampires and turn off lights

There are dozens of devices and chargers that get left plugged in around homes that are not being used. Whether it is for your cell phone, external hard drive, laptop charger, battery chargers and any other device plugged in to a socket. Disconnect these devices to prevent vampiric electrical activitiy. And per the usual, turn off lights!

Pro Tip: Buy in bulk

This doesn’t apply to everything but definitely to those items you are going to use regularly no matter what. Toilet paper and paper towels, yard waste and kitchen trash bags, drinking water, and while you’re at it take a look at your eating habits to see what you and your family are using lots of.

Pro Tip: Eat at home more often

Eating at home is almost always more economical than eating a meal out and you may be surprised how many meals you find yourself eating once you start keeping track. Get pro and start planning your meals, cooking them in bulk and freezing them for use over the next 60-90 days.

Pro Tip: Brush up on your coupon skills

bigstock-Mobile-Connection-43728472Coupons can be underrated! Use your smartphone or computer to dig up the best deals in town, whether in the weekly circular or on coupon and discount sites like Groupon and Retailmenot.

Pro Tip: Order water at restaurants

Restaurants make absurd percentages on fountain drinks which is why they try to push them on you at many venues. Water is better for you in generaly not to mention the damage caused to your teeth by the sugars contained in many carbonated beverages. Order ice water (generally free) with a slice of lemon for flavor.

Hope you enjoyed some of our favoite ways to save money!