Billy B

Ok so here is my review on Miguel and ProTub refinishing
First I live in Simi Valley which is a long way from where Miguel/ProTub is
Second I grilled Miguel on the phone because I’ve had two resurfacing jobs go way south on me and the previous companies had basically a “tailgate”warranty. As long as I could see their tailgate I had a warranty
Third I found Miguel on Yelp because I actually did research tub resurfacing before going for it again. He explained exactly why the other companies work had failed,that it was something he commonly dealt with,and humbly in his cool Miguel way reassured me that his prep work would prevent my tub from ever looking like this again. So with my fingers crossed I had him come out and he showed up on time,did everything he said and the finished product is beautiful. Just so you all know….I waited 7 months to do this review because the last company’s work started failing at about 4 months and got steadily worse until my bathtub looked like one you would find in tenement housing.
Not anymore! My tub and shower pan in my master bath looks as awesome as it did the day Miguel was finished. He even came all the way back out to my house when one little spot needed a touch up. No hassle or haggling….just happily showed up and took care of it
Fourth. This guy is one of the most personable dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He had nice conversations with both my wife and I and was never in too big of a hurry to hang out and talk within the realm of reason. I’ve been a small business owner for many years and could learn a thing or two from Miguel’s work ethic, professionalism, attitude and business acumen. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to have anything done that he does. You will be completely impressed by him and thrilled with the work that he does.
Billy B
Simi Valley

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