Johnette M.

I am very pleased with my experience today with ProTub Refinish, and plan to use them again soon for the tub in my guest bathroom.

Thier scheduling process seems a bit unorthodox: you don’t initially speak to a live person, but actually text them pictures of your tub and ask for a quote. Still, they responded quickly, quoted an extremely fair price, and scheduled my job a the same time. They also send me a picture of thier most up to date contractors license.

On the day of the refinishing our technician arrived promptly at the scheduled time. He was very friendly and respectful of our home. Prior to getting started he put protective tarps in the area and took off his shoes, which was very much appreciated. He worked extremely clean the entire time, and left our home just the way he found it.

The entire process took about three hours. The white enamel on the tub was extremely worn down and there were several pieces missing, exposing the black bottom. With the refinishing complete, our tub looks brand new! He even took the time to replace the old caulking. After he left my bathroom looked spotless and there were no work materials left behind. Our technician did however leave us with a paid invoice and the specific terms of the three year warranty – not bad!

As someone who is very selective about the contractors that perform work in my home, I would absolutely recommend ProTub Refinish.

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