W K.

We had (being evicted) a very problematic renter who’s most recent complaint to excuse his constantly late rent was that his tub needing to be refinished due to a patch of missing glaze and few chips. The fact is he never bothers to clean his bathroom (doesn’t even have any cleaning supplies) in the nearly 2 years of living there and only now brought it up. I should know since I painstakingly cleaned it of stains before he moved in and once again, as a courtesy, after repairing a leak from an annual inspection.

Miguel went above and beyond for 3 weeks attempting to contact by calls and text to schedule with our problematic tenant or his other occupants in order to resolve his complaint. He even contacted on Sunday, which they’re normally closed.

Aside from the before and after photos, we don’t know the quality of the work as we aren’t bothering to checking until the tenant vacates.

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