Tips to help conserve water around the house

bigstock_Drought_land_13850663California is going through an unprecedented drought and has been for the past four years! Well, now Governor Jerry Brown has issued statewide orders requiring a mandatory 25% reduction in water consumption across the board. It is with this directive in mind that we have created this quick and easy list of ways to help conserve water around your home and even office.

Conserve Water

Meter Your Home

Use your water meter to check for leaks – It isn’t hard to find a hidden leak in your home. Shut off all water using devices in your home, then check your main water meter leading to the house. If your meter is still spinning, you’ve got a leak that needs repairing.

Grab A Wrench

Fix those leaky faucets and other appliance fittings by getting out your favorite wrench and snugging down any nuts, bolts or packing nuts you need to get that drip to stop!

Brooms, Not Hoses

Use a broom to clean off your patio space instead of a hose.

Time Your Showers

As much as many of us love the feeling of a long hot shower, these should be reserved for only the most special of occasions. Try to start timing your shower at a max of 5 minutes.

Leaky Toilet Flappers

One of the most commonly overlooked household leaks comes from the toilet flapper. A poor seal on one of these can waste gallons of water a day. Make sure to replace these as soon as you notice your toilet refilling itself when no one has used it.

Use Full Loads

Save gallons per month by only running your dishwasher or clothes washer when you have a full load.

Water At Night

Whatever watering your yard requires, set your sprinklers to do it at night. Most communities now have a ordinance in place requiring you to water your lawn before 8am and after 8pm to maximize absorption and reduce evaporation.

Harvest Rain Water

Use a potable water barrel to collect whatever rain water comes your way.

Drip Systems

Install drip systems to water your plants instead of a hose or other common sprinkler systems to reduce water use.

The drought that California is currently experiencing is no joke and we hope that these tips were helpful to you and your family!